"memory garden" was an official selection in Denver Digirati's SUPERNOVA Outdoor Digital Animation Festival as well as the winner of the Cube Art Project's first digital art competition.

A combination of photogrammetry and animation, memory palace looks at the temporal life and digital eternity, the difference between documentation and observation, and the inevitable passing of purpose. 



I'm really excite to have two pieces in the upcoming La Luz de Jesus Gallery's Coaster Show. So many artists I admire are in this show, and it's an honor to be involved.



Dr. Jannussos: a project in healing and empathy

As a participatory installation, visitors were led through a guided meditation to reduce ego and inhibition, then hold a stranger while learning about their lives and thoughts. The creatures presented  series of questions about death, love, passion, and fears. Several participants broke into tears with a complete stranger, and formed new relationships after the session.  The project focused on breaking down walls between people and building connections.